MacBee provides a variety of IT solutions for your networking needs. We conduct surveys, check feasibility and install the best suited wireless and other IT solutions.

Apart from the array of specialized services, MacBee also provides IT solutions. IT is the main element to the entire AV integration to work. We provide the service ourselves to attain the best AV experience in any space. The key services we provide under this are:

Home or Commercial Networking

Linking two or more computing devices for data sharing is referred to as Networking. MacBee provides networking solutions for home and commercial purposes.


Wireless Consultation

Taking networking to the next stage is wireless networks. They not only save money by removing costs involved in installing cables, they are also useful in multiple mediums like homes, telecommunications, and enterprise installations. MacBee provides consultation for selecting the best wireless solutions for your needs.


Site Survey

To provide the best IT solutions, it is imperative to survey a location. MacBee surveys sites and identifies networking options to get the optimum results. We also test existing networks to diagnose any problems, if they are not providing the desired output.

Network Design

To ensure that a customer receives the desired results, the process of network planning and design is undertaken. It encompasses everything from topological design, to network-synthesis, and network-realization. The process is customized as per the requirements of a network or service.



Apart from consultant and identifying the optimum IT solution requirements, MacBee also provides installation services for wireless networks.


Wireless Support

All the services that MacBee provides come with excellent wireless support.